your programmable slack bot

robot.respond(/hello/, function(msg, done) {
msg.send("hello back", done);

Supercharge your team with Bot Powers in Seconds

Nestor has a large and growing library of bot powers from your favorite services such as

  • Heroku: Manage your Heroku apps with Nestor.
  • Trello: Manage your Trello cards, boards and lists with Nestor.
  • Github: Look at issues, merge branches and get Github stats with Nestor.
  • Mixpanel: Get information about your customers and how your app is used with Nestor.
  • Envoy: Find out about who visited your office with Envoy & Nestor.

and many more!

Installing apps

Write your own bot powers

Want to integrate with a private API that belongs to your company? No problem, start coding your power in the Nestor Bot Development Environment with a very Simple Javascript API and deploy your bot power in seconds!

Nestor's Bot Toolkit uses Hubot's API so your existing Hubot scripts can easily be ported to Nestor.

Read the programming manual here.

  • Use NPM modules to make your bots way more powerful
  • Use Environment Variables to store secrets & share your powers with others
  • Version your powers' code so you can go back and forth in time

Run your own Bot Power Locally

Want to test out your bot power without spamming your co-workers on Slack? You can debug your bot power locally and once you're ready you can deploy!

Nestor's Bot Toolkit comes with logging support so you can find out what's going wrong with your power. Stacktraces for crashes are also all displayed, so you can debug your bot powers faster.


ChatOps Concierge

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