Setup the following as environment variables before you run nestor using the setenv command.

  • NESTOR_TRELLO_BOARD - The ID of the Trello board you will be working with. Figure out what board you want to use, grab it's id from the url<<board id>>/<<board name>>

So in Slack, say @nestorbot setenv NESTOR_TRELLO_BOARD=<board-id>


  • trello list lists: List all lists
  • trello list <ListName>: List all cards in a list
  • trello new "<ListName>" <TaskName>: Create a card for the list.

So to create a card called "Deploy Trello" to my "To Do" card, say @nestorbot: trello new "To Do" Deploy Trello

  • trello move <card.shortlink> to <ListName>: Move card to the list


The source for this app is available at asknestor-apps/trello.