The Heroku API key can be obtained from the "Manage Account" section in your Heroku account.

and set it in Slack with the command setenv NESTOR_HEROKU_API_KEY=heroku-api-key


  • heroku list apps <app name filter> - Lists all apps or filtered by the name
  • heroku info <app> - Returns useful information about the app
  • heroku dynos <app> - Lists all dynos and their status
  • heroku releases <app> - Latest 10 releases
  • heroku rollback <app> - Rollback to a release
  • heroku restart <app> <dyno> - Restarts the specified app or dyno/s (e.g. worker or web.2)
  • heroku migrate <app> - Runs migrations. Remember to restart the app =)
  • heroku config <app> - Get config keys for the app. Values not given for security
  • heroku config:set <app> <KEY=value> - Set KEY to value. Case sensitive and overrides present key
  • heroku config:unset <app> <KEY> - Unsets KEY, does not throw error if key is not present

For example, heroku config:set API_KEY=12345 and so on


The source for this app is available at asknestor-apps/heroku